Storyteller Day Camp

Yesterday was Zoe’s first day at the Friends’ School Wee Ones Day Camp and she loved it.  Mom and I dropped her off and she thought it was cool that its at the same place Nan works!  It’s in the morning from 830 to 1130 all week and is themed Storytellers Week.  She wasn’t sure if she wanted to go at first, but was super excited to be there once she got in.  I guess they are learning all about the different ways we can tell stories and writing their own.  They also get some playground time, crafts, and play.  It’s great for her to have fun with the other kids. When I picked her up she was in the room working on her book at the table and then got down and played dress ups.  It was adorable.

I asked her about her day and she said, “I dont want to tell you”.  Which is usually her way of keeping something she enjoyed to herself.  Well, I just tell her I’d like to hear about it when she’s ready and, sure enough, on the way home later she shared about the playground, the dressups, and her book.  “Its all about ME” she said proudly and described some of the special pages she has planned.

I picked her up at 1130 and we walked down through Foxdale village to the Health Office where mom works.  Zoe LOVED the village and wanted us to move there.  She said all the flowers were beautiful and she liked the way we could walk to everything on pathways and not have to get into the car.  I told her it was just for older people and she was bummed.  “Thats OK, mom.  They will let me live here still”  She said.  I just said alright and that I’d visit…then she picked out which home she’d like – always one with lots of flowers.  It was fun to see Nan at work.  We had lunch in the new cafe and headed home.

This morning is her second day and she wasn’t apprehensive at all…simply got on her shoes, grabbed her dog, and jumped out the door with Grandpa Joe.  He is dropping her off today!

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