Bleeding from the mouth isn’t good

This afternoon we had the AC on in the dining room, which means the door to the playroom must be shut.  WELL….  Avi was playing near the door – completely visible through the door – and Zoe opened it right into him.  I don’t think she purposely hurt him though she could obviously see him and chose to bash him with the door.  SO….  3 of us grown ups were standing right there when it happened too, but none of us saw it coming which sucks because poor Avi started whaling.  Then, bleeding from the mouth.  I scooped him up instantly and grabbed a paper towel for his mouth.  Bethany sprang into action with a small ice pack and then a popsicle.  The popsicle was the best.  After sopping up blood and blue icee pop for a few minutes I could see that he had a cut above his gums under his lip on top….must’ve snagged it with his little bottom teeth.  Poor little man.  The popsicle really calmed him down.  Dad and Bethany went out to store to get some orajel.  Zoe was punished with a time out in the bedroom – it was also naptime so she just fell asleep.  She did profusely say she was sorry, but I don’t think the realty of the whole situation truly gripped her.

After finishing a popsicle Avi started fussing again.  This time, though, he just wanted down.  I put him down and he raced over to the baby doll stroller (which contains a kitty shaped door stopper) and he began coo-ing and pushing it around the living room.  Still some active bleeding happening….yuck….so I dabbed him a bit more until it stopped….WHILE he walked around the room.  I can’t get over how quickly he gets over trauma.  Zoe would be in a funk for a solid hour after something like that, but not Avi.  He’s over it.  Only a slightly puffy upper lip to show for it, too.  I’ll put on the orajel for a couple days though.  I’m sure something like that will be a bit sore and uncomfortable for a bit.  Tough little man – takes after his father!

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