Zoe at the Friends School

This whole week Zoe has gone each morning to the Friends School for summer day camp.  She seemed to have a “blast off”.  In fact, alot of the fun was that Nan or Grandpa Joe took her in and dropped her off a few days.  The theme was ‘Storytellers’ and they did all kinds of story fun – acting out stories, making puppets, giving names to creatures, songs, and even a little show on the last day.  I almost missed it, though, because of dad and mom’s cat potato.  THAT is another story altogether, but I’ll just say that he didn’t seem to want to come inside after I kicked him, pulled his tail, and turned the hose on him.  Wonder why.

The show was cute. They had each made a special sock puppet of an animal during the week and us it for the show.  The whole class sung the “There was an old lady…” song and then as she ate a fly, a spider, a frog (or whatever), etc… the kids would toss their sock puppet into a standing up cutout of the old lady with a gaping mouth.  Too funny.  Zoe zoned out a little in the middle, but came to just in time to toss in her cat puppet and then dumped in doggy for good measure.

Yes, Hairy Dog went to day camp and got a new name, too!  On the first day one of the instructors asked to be introduced and Zoe said doggy’s name was Polly.  Who knew?  The teachers called it Polly the whole week, but Zoe has yet to use that name at home. I don’t think it’s a keeper.

Zoe loved the Friends School so much that after I picked her up she was already talking about what she’d do next week after camping.  She isn’t registered next week and it’s full.  Sad, too, as I would’ve loved for her to go another week.  It’s tough to know how she will enjoy things, though, so I only had mom sign her up for the one week.  oh well….I’m sure swimming and floating the creek again will make up for it.

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