Spent a great time this weekend hanging out with some family I haven’t seen in forever. It was fun! People camped or stayed in the dorm style rooms, we had meals together, and some genealogy presentations. Saturday was filled with day trip activities – we went to the landis farm museum where both kids enjoyed the old buildings and people dressed in 1800s clothes. Zoe loved exploring and opening doors to see if we could find ‘wasser’ the dog. It was really fun and free for us since we are a military family! I loved all the huge open fireplaces. I dream of having one someday. As the day got too hot we headed indoors to an Amish market before returning to the reunion.
The most fun at the reunion for Zoe was playing with Ricky – a 7 year old cousin – and Alexis – the daughter of the retreat Owner. They all ran around playing hide and seek, jumping on beds, and crafting together. Avi honed his walking skills. He is starting to prefer it to crawling!
It was a good time!

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