Avi’s Campout Birthday Weekend

This past weekend was all about Avi!!   He was the center of attention while Zoe spent the weekend with Nana and Pappy.  He truly seemed to relish all the focused love, too!

We drove a few hours up to Tioga, PA to stay at the Ives’ Run campground on the Army Corps of Engineers Hammond Lake.  It was such a nice big open campground with lots of space and a couple playgrounds.  As usual Avi joined me in the tent at night and loved wandering around in the open space.  Since he is walking so well now, he just heads off and we have to really watch.  Before we knew it he would be out at another campsite or wandering down toward the lake.  He also loved to point at everything…birds especially are his favorite to point at.  We went on a nice bike ride around to check out the area and he seemed to really love his alone time in the trailer.

Friday was his special day, so we started with a favorite: pancakes.  In the morning I took him for a nice long stroller ride around the whole campground and then all the way out a mile to the tent area.  Then, throughout the day Avi opened gifts!  He actually seemed so disinterested in the gifts while they were wrapped that I ended up just unwrapping it all.  He got some new soft food for the kitchen set, some cute little cars, a little wolf, and a special knit triceratops!    Most of the day he played with the cars or wanted a wagon ride or dragged his balloons around the campground.  At lunch he got his first cake!  I made an angel food with blueberries on top for his first birthday and he seemed to enjoy it.  He mostly licked off the icing and then took some bites of the cake.  What he truly LOVED though was the hamburgers we had for lunch.  He even squealed and pointed when he saw a few leftovers later in the weekend.  Avi is such a happy little fellow. It was fun to watch him enjoy the stroller, and explore the playground, and splash in the lake.  He just loves water.  My little baby boy is now a toddling 1 year old!

The rest of the weekend we enjoyed some kayaking, went on lots of walks, and relaxed at the camper.  On Saturday it was pretty drizzly all day so we drove in Wellsboro for some shopping and lunch.  We also visited the PA grand canyon for a gorgeous view of the foggy valley.  It was nice.  As a climax to the weekend Bethany, Mom and I went to see the last Harry Potter.  We had all watched ALL the other movies in order this summer, so this was a great time to see the finale.  Avi stayed at the camper with Grandpa Joe where they had some man time….playground, dinner, a bath, and then off to bed with a stroller ride. We came home to find Avi sleeping in Dad’s arms in bed.  Adorable. 

I met Sue and Dave to pickup Zoe on Sunday afternoon.  She had a blast with them this weekend, too…. the fair, a circus, and a ballgame.  Sounds busy.  That night both kids slept with me in the tent and then we packed up to go on Monday morning.  It was a great long weekend.

Now, to pack for our adventure back to Georgia

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