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Preschool!! and Pool Partying!!

Zoe’s first day of preschool this year was amazing!  We went to bed early last night ready for our 7:30 alarm, and after hitting the snooze 3 times I woke up to the sound of Avi banging his camel around in his room.  His newfound freedom from the confines of a crib has him very excited and independent in the morning.  It’s nice to not have to respond to the screaming of a kid that wants out of his cage…though I do keep the kid gate over his door to avoid him wandering around while I sleep.

Zoe, on the other hand was not easily aroused.  The smell of pancakes and eggs got her out of bed though, as did the promise of fun at school.  She’s been really looking forward to school this year.  Especially since she will be UPSTAIRS.  That is a big deal, because only the big kids are upstairs.  We came yesterday to her open house to meet the teacher, find her seat, and see the room.  It’s a nice big bright and airy yellow room.  Fewer toys than the 3 year old class – more ‘center’ stuff.  But, still there are plenty of dino’s, a kitchen, and dress ups to keep my kiddo happy.  She found her assigned seat next to her buddy Clay and was pleasantly surprised to find a good bag as well.  She also had fun exploring the room and finding her cubby

Today when we arrived the rest of the class was already there doing play doh!  She jumped right in…put her folder in the bin and stuffed her backpack (with doggy) into her cubby.  It was great.  She then bolted to the play doh – got a set and went to her seat to get to work.  Amazing!  Avi and I took our cue and left. 

When we went to pick her up we just did the drive-through line.  All the kids are out having playground time at the end of school, so parents can drive by that area and the teacher will plop them into your car for you.  It’s super quick and so convenient with Avi asleep.  Zoe told me all about her day, too….there was play-doh, then “the kissing hand”, then crafts (her handprint came home), and ‘centers’ – she listed the particular places around the room where they work on different skills.  Then it was snack, playground, and “then mommy other kids went to their cars when I went to our car to go home”.  She seemed to have a great time.  It’s also neat to see her make some good friends that she remembers from last year.

This evening found us out and about again at a squadron pool party. Back here near the base means lots of events planned with other squadron wives to help the time go by.  We had rented out the base pool 7-9 and order a bunch of pizza – simple and perfect.  All the kids ran around nuts.  I got to catch up with my friends.  The water (and weather) was warm.  Such a nice night.  Avi had a blast running around in the splash are with his hunk of pizza.  Zoe had fun playing with all the other little girls tossing princesses into the pool and fishing them out.  I thought the kids would fall asleep in the car on the way home, but no luck since they were given glow sticks as we left.  It was like a rave in the back of my car the whole way home.  For a while, Avi had his in his mouth and was tossing his head from side to side wildly (his Ray Charles bit), while Zoe sang and made letters in the air.  No relaxing in that car.  Luckily, at home Avi fell asleep easily after 2 books and a few minutes in the rocking chair.  Zoe didn’t put up a fight, either, and actually wanted to be put to bed before Avi….that just doesn’t work though.  He gets into too much stuff while she and I are reading books.   Good kids!

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