Wild Adventures – day and night

Saturday we went to Wild Adventures for the afternoon.  It was fun – left around 11 and got back home around 3pm.  We did mini golf first, and sweat a ton.  Avi loved it…he mostly just carried around the balls and dropped them in holes.  Zoe had fun figuring out where to send the ball, but the goal of fewest hits was lost on her.  Still a good time! 

After that we beelined it to the water park.  Zoe has proved over the summer that she can have some freedoms in the water, so I let her wander and play in the splash area on her own….with some boundaries.  She stays on 3 particular slides so I can see her often from the baby splash zone.  Then we check in frequently.  She did great!  So proud of my little independent girl.  Avi loves splashing in the water and rode on my lap down a couple slides too.  No reaction, which surprised me.  He seems to want to walk and splash on his own.

We had lunch there at the splash park.  I packed some sandwichs, carrots, and popcorn.  Avi LOVES popcorn.  Zoe does too, matter of fact.  On the way out we visited the petting zoo where Zoe chased the ducks and Avi enjoyed pounding on a goat and a pig.  We all three rode a few kiddy rides, too.  The rainbow coaster, dizzy dragons, little train, and the flying bee’s.  Again, very little reaction from Avi…he just takes it all in stride like he is supposed to be going fast and flying.

Our nighttime adventure was another story.  They both napped for an hour or so, but not late.  And then bedtime was pretty smooth.  Got Avi a few books read and in bed asleep by 8:45, then Zoe books and lights out by 9:30.  Got myself a shower and then got online to get some stuff done.  Well, just as I go to shut down and go to sleep I here Zoe calling for me.  I’m working on getting her to sleep on her own again.  She has gotten quite used to sleeping with me during all our travels.  Before I could get to her, Avi woke crying.  ugh.  So, at midnight I found myself getting them both back asleep.  Zoe was fine with me tending to Avi, so she’s not a big deal.  But Mr. A didn’t want to go to sleep!  I’m shocked since we had such an active day at the park with only a short nap.  He nursed and then just schrooched and schrooched around bed wheelbarrowing his head into stuff and then doing a little flip onto his back.  I finally gave up and let him fuss (and by fuss I mean all out crying) for a bit while I got Zoe some water.  When I went back he fell right to sleep when I laid him on my belly.  Check.  Finally I got to bed just before 1, and then not a couple hours later he woke and did the whole thing again taking a good hour to get to sleep.  Of course it woke up Zoe, but she just went back to sleep on her own…though it gets her tired because she walks over to see whats going on.  At 5:30 in the morning he woke up again!!!  what the what?  This time he was wandering around fussing like he wanted to wake for the day!  No way baby.  I rocked him a bit and then he slept til 9:30.  Zoe woke around 6 just as it was getting light and I settled Avi into bed.  She started coughing a bit and I didn’t want it to wake him again, so she joined me in bed.  At some point she woke up and went out to the living room to play.  I woke up around 9 to her hammering and playing happily.  Good kid! 

Today we went to church, played in the blow up pool out back, and played Candyland alot.  The three of us fell asleep at 5!  Avi and I woke after a half hour, but Zoe stayed asleep for the night – she got up at 10pm for some dinner and now it’s back to bed.  Hopefully we all get a good nights rest tonight.

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