Avi Update

Avi had his first full week at Mothers Morning out.   He goes monday and friday at the same place as Zoe.  It’s nice to have a few hours without either of them.   The first day he was a bit apprehensive, but seemed happy to see his ‘ladies’.  Miss Ann loves him.  On friday I actually had to pick him up early since he vomitted.  Brought him out to the car and nursed, then he was fine….like running around the car.  We just played for a bit before going in to get Zoe.

In other Avi news…
He is now running.
He loves meat, eggs, cheese, salmon, quinoa, and green beans.
He climbs the ‘rock wall’ of the swingset and goes down the slide.
He loves music with a beat to it.
He is sleeping on the floor on his futon and enjoying the freedom.
He bites.
He still, yes still, wakes once at night.
He loves to play kitchen, cars, or ride on stuff.
He likes touch books.
He loves to drag around a pull doggy or mousey toy.
He still hates the car and gets stiff when I shove him in.  Sometimes I can trick him with his waterbottle, a toy, or snack.
He climbs alot – onto the couch, up the stool, and even attempted to get over the baby gate.
He plays alot with a rainbow stacker toy.
He seems to always fall and hit the left side of his head.
He loves being outside and will whine at the door until I open it.
He’s very interested in paints and crayons, but mostly as a food.
He arches and throws himself back when he’s mad.
He doesn’t like his diapy changed.
He is a pretty happy guy!

And as for weaning him…..  Well, he will not go quietly into that goodnight.

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