Yearly Checkups

Both the kids had their yearly checkup yesterday and did great.  Aside from Avi’s ALTE (Apparent Life Threatening Event) last week- that’s the new diagnosis….he is in the peak of health!  His height and weight are great, his development is right on track, and his physical was fine!  We will still do prevacid for a month to see if it helps and reflux and puking since he still does puke a bit like a baby.  Started the apnea monitor last night.  No events!

Zoe is also in great shape.  Her height and weight are normal – she’s a bit taller than average!  Her developmental screening scored above average.  Such a smart cookie!  And her physical was good, too.  She did need some shots which is never fun, but shouldn’t need more until she’s 11!?  wow. that is awesome.  To imagine her event being 11 blows my mind.

It’s great to have two happy healthy kiddo’s!

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