Beach babes

My children love the beach. After “sleeping in” until 730 this morning- which is 830 our time (i remembered the time change this trip, Bethany) we watched some Saturday morning cartoons. There was, finally, a new Dino train on that Zoe and I both got excited about. Anyway, by 9 we were heading out the door.

The Tyndall afb beach is incredible, but you must walk a half mile ( maybe only a quarter, but it feels really long) boardwalk to get to it. Learning from previous trips I hauled the kids and beach junkola in the wagon. We spent 5 hours playing in the sand, swimming, and snacking. Zoe wore her life vest so she could have some freedom and I wouldn’t need to somehow keep both kids afloat. She did amazingly well riding on the waves using a little blow up ring, too. It was cute watching her ride in little bits at a time until she was beached; where she just laid like a washed up whale. Of course her other favorite activity was feeding the gulls until they swarmed and then she would chase them. Avi found this hysterical. He also likes to chase the birds but in a slow sneaking-away-from-mommy kind of a way. He loves to lay belly down in the sand and dig, too, which is funny until the surf comes to close. He does great in the water and had a blast jumping the waves with me. The water is really shallow far out so it is perfect for the kids. The weather was awesome, the water was warm & turquoise, and the kids were happy! At one point there were a whopping 20 people joining us on miles and miles of white sand. One other person I wish could be here. Soon I tell myself. When we returned to the tlf I plopped the sleeping sandy kids in the bed we aren’t sleeping in and then we all napped for a couple hours.

This evening I used our ‘playpass’ for a fun night of bowling. Playpass is a credit voucher card to use at base recreation facilities… It’s supposed to help ease pain of deployment. I also use it to pay for Zoes dance class, base pool, and CDC childcare time. I think we’ll use it at our bowling alley more since we had such a fun time tonight. Zoe got really good at aiming the kid ramp to get her ball going. Avi mostly dug around in my purse and ate chicken nuggets.

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