One more beach day!

Sunday morning we woke at the Tyndall TLF and just played and watched some TV until checkout time.  After that, Zoe wanted to go to church so we went to the base chapel.  She (and Avi) seemed to enjoy the music.  They had guitars and a flute.  We had passed the chapel all lit up last night on the way back from bowling, and that is when Zoe wanted to know what it was and if we could go.  It
worked out great because after church they were having a potluck and invited us to join them even though we didn’t bring anything.  It was fun for Zoe and Avi to play with the other kids, hang out with some new folks, and get some food.

After church we hit the beach one more time.  I packed the kids into the wagon like yesterday and hauled them out the long boardwalk to the beach again.  It was almost deserted!  The weather was very thinly overcast though the sun would peek through pretty often.  Warm, though!  and the water felt great.  We played in the sand and surfed on the waves again. It was wonderful.  Avi found a hole just his size that someone else had dug and decided that he needed to be in it.  He spent a good half hour just inside the hole messing around and throwing sand.  Then Zoe found the mother of all giant holes some other kids had been digging.  It was so big it was deeper than her head!  Avi created a slide out the side and kept climbing out and slidinig in.  Zoe dug deeper and found some sea stars to play with and bury and then she would ‘find’ them again like a paleontologist.  Around 4 pm we trudged back to the car, got the sand out, and hit the road.

The drive home was uneventful.  I stopped at the base Burger King to grab a giant coke and Avi had already fallen asleep – it’s about 2 block from the beach.  Zoe got an ice cream and then promptly passed out.  It took 3.5 hours to get home.  The kids woke about 20 minutes out and Zoe spotted a huge rainbow!  It was obviously raining really hard to the east and this rainbow was gorgeous…and a full arc.  Very rarely have I seen one go all the way up and over.  Neato!

Napping late in the car meant late bedtime, but everyone woke happy in the morning and ready for school!  I mostly cleaned up while they were gone.  Sand everywhere!

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