Busy week

We’ ve gotten alot done this week. Cleaning out the house, selling a few things, and reorganizing. I feel like we are down to the end soon!

The kids have been doing great at school. Zoe is impressively writing, and Avi has stopped crying when I drop him off. The little man has also started to become a handful at home. He will, for example, move the chair out so he can climb up on top of the table. Climbing is his forte as he also goes up the rock wall side of the swing set on his own and then down the slide. I spot him because its so high but he hasn’t fallen yet. He is now a challenge to get to sleep as I try to wean him. The apnea monitor is also a hassle and some nights keeps me awake often.

Zoe is enjoying dance dance class though she has expressed interest in going back to gymnastics. I think she liked the variety and all the equipment. She still shows off her “front support”. Attending school daily has been fine as well. On occasion she doesn’t want to go so I let her stay home. Her best friend jaylee comes over almost every day after school. It’s so nice to have a playmate next door!

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