Give Me a Break!

The kids both went to the base CDC on Saturday all day for their “Give Parents a Break Program”  – it’s a once a month Saturday care program for deployed folks and others who need it.  Awesome!!  I spent the morning cleaning out the garage and then the afternoon sewing. It was so great, and the kids had fun.  Zoe came home with a new rhyme and Avi was super excited to see me.

Today we went to church, stopped at Walm for some food, and then came home for a nice long nap.  Avi’s monitor is alarming unneccessarily alot so we were all tired.  I ended up just turning it off around 2am so we could sleep.  Tomorrow Zoe is having friends over to play after school.

On a different note.  The hot weather broke today!  It was overcast and cool.  Wonderful!!

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