Kids and shrubs

What is the deal with parents who bring their kids out to the park and then yell at them constantly to get away from the nature?

Zoe loves playing and climbing in one particular bush at the playground and two little girls she was playing with got , “get out of there before I come in and beat you” from their mom when they joined her. Come on moms. Forcing your kids to stay on the completely sanitized plastic equipment and fake rock wall above the recycled tire safety pad barely qualifies for an outdoor experience. Let them touch a leaf and eat a little dirt.


  1. It's hard to comprehend the idea of keeping kids (or myself) away from what is natural. I hate to use my “jump to conclusions mat”…but really…why are Americans always the ones who have allergies and obesity? are we lazy? are we inside? why do we expect it all to be easy? I could support NCLI! ugh…….The GREATS always have an Achilles. anywho – how about that christmas cruise? =) –> I'll be the pot this time. whose the kettle?

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