Taking the train to the peanut festival!

This morning I woke before dawn and put two sleeping kids into the car. We then drove up to base for a 0630 departure on an ITT trip. I signed up for it on Thursday using our Playpass money ( again… trying to milk that) . the kids woke as we boarded the little tour bus and watched some cartoons. Zoe laughed out loud at every instance that Donald duck got hurt… she likes that physical comedy. We also got to see a beautiful sunrise from I-75.

An hour and a half later we pulled into the veterans park at cordele to see a cool big old train! Zoe had declared she didn’t like trains this morning, but now changed her tune. “I guess I do like trains if it has a dining car.” I guess the snack car is close enough! The train goes perilously slow. I believe I could bike or maybe even briskly walk faster than this thing went. 2 hours on the train found us getting snacks, chasing Avi up the aisle, exploring the other cars, and arriving in Plains.

Yep. Our destination was the home of our 49th president Jimmy Carter. Today is the Plains Peanut festival! We were greeted with a cute parade featuring a marine corps band, lotso Shriners, and tossed bags of peanuts instead of candy. Of course. Zoe enjoyed the festival bouncy house and mini train. I also underestimated our cash requirements so we had to walk out of town to the gas station for an ATM. You’d think they would get one of those portable ones so people could overspend and get more! No so in tiny southern towns, and the bank shut down last month. Anyway it was a nice day for a half mile walk and the drinks and snacks were alot cheaper at the gas station.

The rest of our visit we got some fest food and wandered in the junk shops that seemed full of kid chairs and breakable stemware. Interesting combo. We returned to the train – snacks in hand – just in time for departure. Now they are both sleeping! Hopefully for the next two hours back to the station. Me too.

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