Another Day, Another Wild Adventure

Lately we have just been getting ready for Bryans return…tidying the garage, shampooing the rugs, planting some mums, making a few posters, and ensuring that all the junk around the house has a home.  It’s been fun.  We are excited for his return. 

We’ve also been just keepin’ on.  Zoe goes to school each morning; Avi on Monday and Friday.  We go to all the social things the spouses do.  Tuesday we had brunch. Saturday was a pool party.  It’s been fun.  I’m antsy, though.  Ready for Bryan to be back.  Ready for things to change.  Ready to get out of here and on a trip somewhere.

Avi has been a handful lately with his newfound climbing skill.  I go to the bathroom so quickly now because I know when I come out he will either be on table, on the chairs, or trying to get on the counter.  He just wants UP no matter what.  He does a good job going up the climbing wall on the playset, but continues to trip the rope latter even though the last step is impossibly to high for him.  Crazy guy.

Sunday we hit up Wild Adventures after church.  Good times, as always.  I’m so glad we have that amusement park so close to us.  It has been a great outlet for the kids and kept me sane for things to do in this town. Spent the afternoon riding around the safari, seeing the magic show, and doing the special Halloween kiddo activities.  It was fun.  Avi did not, to my surprise, like the kid party.  He loves music, so I thought he’d dig on it, but I guess the volumn was too much.  Zoe loved it…did a mean limbo and party line dance.  She is a hoot with a hula hoop, too.  We had fun, but kept commenting on how great it will be to come in a couple weekends with Daddy!!

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