Family Time

Since Bryan has been back we have had an amazing time reconnecting as a family.  No work, now schedules, no projects or anything to do but hang out.  Bryan went to school with Zoe to her as the ‘fabulous fish’.  We had a great day a Wild Adventures riding all those rides we couldn’t until daddy returned.  The kids had fun with a couple babysitters so Bryan and I could have some time…even an entire day at the CDC for ‘give parents a break’. Zoe has loved having Daddy back; the issues and behavior we had during the deployment seem to have vanished in a few days.  Avi also seems to enjoy Bryan – I think he wasn’t sure why this man was still in the house after a day or so and now loves all the extra attention.  He hasn’t been easier to wean, but Bryan has taken over bedtime duties to help.  In fact Avi used to be a tough guy for me to get to sleep (even with nursing), but he goes to sleep without a fuss for Daddy. 

The last week or so have been just so amazing with Bryan home. To me it still feels like he’s a bit of a special guest and could go away again.  Bryan, however, says it almost feels as though he never left.

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