Avi Update

Our little man has grown so much in the last month or so…

He is now a babbling brook.  So, along with his sister, Bryan and I can barely hold an entire conversation.  BUT.  It’s adorable.  He has started saying recognizable ‘words’ – syllables, really, that rhymn with the word he intends.  “Da-da” is still a favorite and always said in a nice cute voice; sometimes he uses it to point to any man, though, which is … odd …. “Maaaaa” he yells at me when he wants something.  “Doh” he says when he see’s a dog or hears one bark.  “A – ooooo” is thank you. Aside from those four consisent words he will surprise us on occassion with something that sounds like it makes sense.

He runs everywhere and climbs everything.  The couch is a favorite climbing apparatus.  Once on top he will then wedge himself behind the back cushions and just chill out.  If one of us is sitting on the couch and he can’t wedge himself, then he will scream.  that bring us too…

He loses his temper quickly.  He knows what he wants to do, what he wants to say, or what he wants from us.  We just don’t get it.  So he gets frustrated.  Pointing across the table for something – we offer 2-3 things and still don’t hit the mark.  So he screams.  He might be playing with a marker and I take it away.  Instant scream.  Often these breakdowns are accompanied by an instantly limp child who is throwing his head back.  It’s a bit off the wall – sometimes off the floor, I guess. We have to watch it when we know he will get mad because he has hurt himself on numerous occassions.

He loves – Toys with wheels. -Bikes.  -Riding on or in things like his mini wagon or the bike trailer or his ride on toy. -Sitting on a lap when you look busy.  – Banging on the keyboard. – Yogurt. – Meat. -Playing outside and climbing up the swingset or visiting a playground. -Blanky. -Music that has a deep beat (of all random genres).  -Dancing, spinning and clapping along to the music.

He is still a wierd sleeper.  Since weaning he puts up a huge fuss if I get him to sleep.  It will take be 45 minutes to an hour to get him down.  He cries. He wheelbarrows his face around the bed. He rolls and rolls and gets all caught up in blanky and the covers.  He finally falls asleep (sometimes) if I get more liquid in his bottle.  I go through the same trial when he wakes at night.  Which he STILL DOES most nights; sometimes TWICE or three times!!  The looney thinks he is 2 months old again.  Anyway, seems if he’s had a couple nice naps during the day he actually sleeps better at night.  The trouble is, of course, it is the same trial to get him to sleep for a nap as it is to bed and so I end up wasting an hour of my afternoon to get a 45 minute sleep out of him.  Lately, I’ve tried to be in the car around 2pm so he’ll fall asleep and I can attempt to get him into bed.  This is successful 50% of the time.  Anyway,  for Bryan Avi will go to bed in 10 minutes – they read a book, take a bottle, lights out, Bryan pets Avi’s head and he’s out.  Same speed (more often than with me) in the middle of the night, too.  So, lately Bryan is Avi’s goodnight man.  Adequate solution for now.

Avi is really a happy little guy.  He laughs easily.  He plays well and has started to self-play a good amount.  He likes to climb into my cabinets when I cook.  He loves when Zoe and Jaylie chase him.  He loves life!!

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