Feast, Feast, Feast, Feast!

Zoe’s Thanksgiving Program and Feast was today.  It started with a lovely show – each class singing a song and showing off their crafty outfits and new painted shirts.  Some of the little ones were hysterical – putting 2 year olds on stage with turkeys on their heads is priceless.  The 4 year olds joined both classes for their portion.  Zoe wore her new turkey shirt – it featured her footprint as the turkey body and handprints for it’s tail.  Adorable.  They all sang “Albequerque Turkey”.  It’s a lovely ballad set to the tune of “Oh my darlin clementine” about a pet turkey named Albequerque and how wonderful he is…also how happy he is that they will be enjoying hotdogs for Thanksgiving. 

After the presentation were all escorted to the cafeteria for the feast… Hotdogs!  and a wonderful vegetable soup with cornbread.  It was great.  All the kids had crafts waiting for us at our assigned seats.  Zoe’s turkey centerpiece doubles as a napkin holder, which I love.  She also made seating cards for Bryan and I, plus her own placemat.  I just love Zoe’s school.  They really go to such lengths to make holidays special and fun.  They are also always making things for people in the family – crafts as gifts instead of just as learning tools.   The kids also do so much for those less fortunate too; a big part of their learning is doing monthly service projects.  This month they all brought in requested items to put together “snack packs” – these are bagged lunches the schools’ church gives out to anyone who needs them…local homeless or just folks in need know to come to the back door and they will be given one with no strings or obligation to come to church.  Zoe’s class decorated all the bags and put them together – 85 of these!  I think lessons like that – giving to others – are more important than her ABC’s sometimes.  Next month – new shoes for local kids, and kids in the third world.  Wonderful!

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