Getting some fresh air

The past two weekends have been so nice outside we’ve skipped town for a bit.  Last Saturday we drove the kids and our two new bikes down to Tallahassee and rode the rail trail.  It was great weather!  Sunny and in the 70s.  The kids had fun at the huge playground at the trailhead on the way out and back….they also seemed to enjoy the ride.  Both fell asleep in the trailer when it was their turn.  We had them switch between it – which Bryan pulled – and our Korean kid seat on the back of my bike.

This past week found us at many playgrounds for packed lunches and run around time.  It’s been great.  Today we drove down to Grassy pond for an afternoon hike around the big pond.  It’s only 3 miles, but takes us a while.  Zoe stopped every 10 feet or so to ‘Blaze the trail’.  She was concerned other people may not know where to go, and figured if she drew periodic lines in the dirt they’d figure it out.  We also had to stop for a break and snacks, stop to try and swing on a vine, and stop to check out every interesting new lichen, moss, or bark.  It was a great afternoon.

I’ve had a head cold… caught it from the kids.  Avi had the crud first, Zoe seems to be skirting it with just a small cough, and now it has hit me full force.  Feels good to get outside and clear out.

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