Fun in a box

How much fun can one box provide?

Bryan got a nice big box in the mail the other day – he got some fenders for his bike – and it has been the best toy in the world for the kids.

First, the fun was taking the giant piece of 20 foot long butcher/packing paper and draping it around the house for a ‘party’.  Then the box needed some artwork.  Hours of enjoyment painting and coloring this thing….both the kids, too.  Zoe did some creative foot painting and Avi was just excited I let him use the markers for once.  He mostly colored the box and his face.  Finally, it was time to have the party!  In and around the box Zoe spread food from the play kitchen, and then we all played go-fish.  Bryan won.

Day 2 of the box found the kids dragging the giant paper around the house squealing again.  Then the paper wad became ‘water’ and they jumped into it from the couch; until Avi hit his head on the play table.  After that the paper went back into the box as a cushion in a ‘boat’.  They boated around for a long time.  Avi liked being pushed in it and also just sitting in it staring!  Zoe was in and out telling stories about her and doggy splashing in the ocean and almost sinking.  Later, the box was a hot tub.  Zoe and Avi sat in there for a long while … just sitting.  Then I was invited to join in, and squished myself on one side of it.  Nice and warm that hot tub!  Finally, Zoe pushed Avi and I aside to make a nice little spot for Bryan who plopped in as well.  At this point the one corner gave out, but was easily mended with duct tape.  aaaahhhhh – the fam lounging around the living room in our cramped hot tub.  Seriously, I think we hung out in this thing for a half hour!

 It is 22″ x 32″ and only 10″ deep.

Can’t wait to see what it becomes tomorrow.

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