This entry is about Poop

Actually….it’s about Zoe…but I figured a catchy title would give fare enough warning to anyone who grosses out easily.

On Saturday Zoe and Avi attended a Parents Day Out at their school.  It was a fundraiser for the youth group at the affiliated church and a great cheap day of babysitting for us.  Bryan and I had a fun day hanging out together, going for a bike ride, and getting some ice cream.  ANYWAY, on the playground Zoe found a treasure!  A little silver heart charm with an R on it.

When she got home she was sucking on this thing and we (of course) told her not to.  As is the norm, she listened for a while, but then the charm was back in her mouth after dinner.  I was washing the dishes and all of a sudden she just started crying – like real scared tears!  I thought something bit her or she stubbed her toe, but then she squealed, “I swallowed it” and I knew.  Sorry but I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit because I swallowed a penny when I was younger than her…and I remember my folks telling me the story.  Well, we established that she would be OK and that we’d have a new bathroom routine for a bit.  So, for the last couple days she has been taking a poo in the little potty so Bryan or I could sift through it.  UGHHH Gross.  Luckily we own some latex medical gloves.  Bryan had the first nasty job yesterday night….no luck.  Then, today I took the potty to school just in case.  LUCKILY she didn’t have to go this morning.  But, promptly after lunch she yelled, “I have to go poo poo” and ran to the bathroom.  After she poo-ed I went through it.  Nasty sqwishing, yuck, and in the last blob I felt a little hard thing.  There is was!!  Thank goodness, because Avi was being nosey and started watching.  Just what I DON’t want is him thinking he should touch poo.

So, in the end it only took 2 days.  Zoe has a great digestive system!  Glad it didn’t get stuck.  We were going to give it until Wednesday before calling the doc!  Hope her lesson was learned. =)

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