Not another kitty

So, avi and I returned from dropping Zoe at school this morning to see a cat crossing the street. I pointed it out and said, “kitty” and avi avi copied. He then leapt out of my arms and ran after the cat. Well, it sat down, curious about this kid running full speed toward it. When we got to it the thing just rubbed on us and loved the petting. When we turned to go, however, it followed us! Oh no.

Spent an hour with this lovely little fluffy orange cat wandering around the house. We gave it some treats. Mostly it followed Avi everywhere and rubbed on him. He loved it, squealed and gave it hugs, and even tried to feed it some toys. The cat is adorable. It knocked him over twice rubbing too much.

Anyway, I put it out back and said goodbye so we could go help with Zoe’s class Christmas party. It was a fun party! Crazy 4 and 5 year olds running around decorating cookies and getting hopped up on sugar! She had a blast. And luckily it is a lunch bunch day, so she stayed there until 2 so I didn’t have to handle the sugar rush.

To my surprise, when Avi and I got back home Kitty was still here…just chilling out in the backyard. I really thought (hoped) he would go. I left the gate and door open (it was 74 today) while Avi napped, and eventually Kitty wandered away. I got working on some computer junk when what to my wondering eyes would appear but a little orange kitty on my lap. Oh dear!

Well he was still hanging around after Zoe returned and seems to enjoy himself. He loves rubbing on all the kids- Jaylin included- and getting tons of attention. In fact the girls spent the rest of the day carrying him around the yard, putting him in the wagon, feeding him, and making a cozy little house for him. He is a super nice kitty…. And is staying outside. Bryan even thinks he is kind of cool. So, if he is here in the morning we will put up our Found Cat posters and try to find his people. I will even pop him into the vet to see about a microchip. I guess if doesn’t have any people …and is still here when we return from our upcoming holiday…then I guess he can stay. Outside.

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