Christmas Cruise Day 5 – Costa Maya Mexico

Whew…tiring day.

We started off with a quick trip to the cafeteria buffet to grab some snacks for our day off the boat.  Thank goodness the ship has a big dock here.. and it’s fancy. This time the cruise ship docked on the opposite side of the boat, so we didn’t know what we were in for until we walked off the boat.  It is awesome here! 
There is a specially made port area with a great pool, a beachy lounge area, swim-up bars and restaurants, and shops….I’m sure they are pricier than in town, but it is sure a cool place.  We met up with Bethany and Stefan and walked out to meet up with our off-the-boat tour group called Native Choice.  After hanging out a bit, Tyler and Rosalie showe up too.  All the kids are going on this excursion!  To Chaccooben Mayan Ruins!

We took a bus to the Native Choice office, were given wristbands for our tour and then waited a while for our bus to the site.  The ride took an hour…wished the guide would have used this time for some history or something.  When we got to the site we were broken into smaller groups and led into the sight.  It started with an amazing pyramid!  I was super impressed already.  The kids ran around the open space, we climbed up some of the steps, got pictures, and then the guide started talking.  He was very informative, but just took a bit long for my crowd of tiny people.  The kids found a cool little tunnel in the jungle foliage and played in there until the tour moved on.  The next stop was between a couple huge mounds.  We were told that any mounds are going to be an archaeological sight because the natural land is completely flat.  At this point the guide got kind of long winded – interesting stuff, but, again, I was ready too SEE some stuff.  Wished he would’ve done this background info on the bus.  Anyway, we moved on to the base of some huge steps and he stopped again.  At this point I used my ‘kids cant handle it’ excuse to wander a bit from the group.  We headed up the stairs and WHOA!  there was a gigantic pyramid up there!!  Rosalie joined us…she was also done with the talking – lets DO – we were now at the top of a huge man made plataeu with a smaller pyramid and the giant one.  Incredible.  The kids ran around, we got pics, and eventually the group joined us.  The view from here was awesome.  Bryan and Tyler also joined our gaggle of ‘wandering folks’ and we had a great time exploring for most of the rest of the tour.  Bethany and Stefan stayed with the group – mostly – and, I’m sure, learned alot more.  After the giant plataeu we wandered back down a different set of steps and then through the jungle to a courtyard/living area and the back of the first pyramid.  At this point I was hot, tired and hungry.  So Avi and I sat for a snack and drink.  Zoe and Bryan decided to do their own archaeology and found some amazingly cool pottery!!!  When the tour guide caught up with us he said they could keep it! After a quick pit stop for toilets and drinks at the bus parking we got back on the bus for a nappy ride back to the port.  I think the kids, Bryan and I may have been asleep before we got out of the parking lot.

Back at the dock Bethany joined us for some swimming in the port pool as the rest of the gang went their own ways.  The pool had a great shallow area with fountains for the kids and a cool view – past the swim up bar and dolphin tanks – of the cruise boats.  Very fun.  Bryan headed over to the ship after a bit of swimming.  He was able to make a meeting that afternoon, and a few others over the course of the week.  The rest of us eventually got dressed and wandered slowly back toward the boat.  Zoe and I were able to pet and hold a baby tiger at a stand set up.  It was a fundraiser for a big cat rescue group.  The little guy was adorable.  We fed it from a bottle and passed it back and forth.  Even Avi and Bethany got to give it a little pet!  From the port shops area was a free little tram back to the boat, and we decided to ride it since we weren’t in a hurry and Avi has a new word, “Choo Choo!!!”. 

Back on the boat we stayed in our swim stuff and went up to the main pool.  We hadn’t explored it yet and there was to be a party soon!  Both the kids enjoyed some rides down the slide before we were told babies weren’t allowed and Zoe was really to be going down with a grown up.  I was kind of frustrated about this since there isn’t any food or drinks or music back at the kiddy pool.  I was looking forward to spending some time with our whole fam – mom and dad had also showed up.  After some grumbling I gave in and took the kids to the back pool.  We had fun. Tonight we all just kind of grabbed some dinner in the cafe or out at the pool grill when we felt like it.

Eventually, the whole fam met up again at the 7:30 show of the evening: The Magic of Craig and Liz.  It was fun to watch.  Entertaining.  Mostly, it was Liz getting into a contraption, disappearing, maybe getting run through with skewers, and reappearing with a new outfit.  Neat.  Avi fell asleep. Bryan took him back to the room, but I took Zoe to the evening Chocoholic Buffet!  It was packed.  Zoe got a chocolate covered apple and some truffles from the kid buffet.  I got a piece of cake. After that we returned to the room and got Zoe situated for bed.

I headed out for the one party I wanted to attend: the White Hot party.  There has been a theme party every night, but they start at 1030 or 1130 and I’m usually too tired or already alseep by then.  For this, I stayed awake! Bethany and Stefan joined be and we grabbed a snack at the remnants of the chocolate buffet before heading to the Spinnaker Lounge.  It was rainy so the boat was a-rockin.The Mojito special came in a light up cup!  woo hoo!  Once the party got started we had a blast dancing out on the floor and getting sweaty.  Tyler joined us and Rosalie came later. Around midnight I realized what time it was and headed back to the room for bed.  I knew I’d be waking early again – Avi doesn’t seem to adjust his schedule regardless of time zone changes or my partying.  =)

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  1. Hi Rambling Family,
    I stumbled accross your vacations and comments, I am glad I did, We are doing the western carribean cruise this christmas and will be at costa maya christmas day. This is our first cruise and first time out of the US (Were from Idaho by the way)
    I was able to catch a few tips from your comments about the ferrys at belize and carying luggage off the boat at cruise end.
    Do yo have any other tips that would be helpful?
    We want to do the mayan ruins or jet ski at costa maya, the other stops are belize, roatsn and cozunel. we are looking at snorkeling, parasailing, jet skiing,
    Cave Tubing, and good authentic lunches. Any places to avaoid? Any places that are must sees?
    How the ports work, taxis, tipping, barganing, etc.
    Anything you can advise / recommend will be helpful.
    Thanks in advance,
    I've never used a post or blog before, so don't know how to see your response.
    You may email me if you want.

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