Christmas Cruise Day 7 – Sea

So, today was our last full day on the boat.  It was relaxing.  We woke when we heard the kids next door in mom and dads room.  We all went to Versailles for some breakfast – I’ve gotten quite accustomed to being served breakfast and meals.  I am tired of the buffet, but I dont think I could tire quickly of people serving me great smoked salmon and bagels everyday for breakfast. After that we wandered the promenade, and then the kids joined Bethany, Nan and Grandpa Joe for some crafts in the kids seating area at the cafe.  Bryan and I got some coffee.
Later we went back to the room to change for the pool.  Well, Zoe and Bryan ended up at the pool with Bethany and the gang.  Avi and I fell asleep for a nap.  When we woke we got dressed to swim and then couldn’t really find anyone at the pool…eventually ran into Bethany, Stefan, Mom and Dad at the main pool for lunch.  Bryan and Zoe had gone back to the room for a nap.  We watched an ice carving demo at the pool before going to the kiddo pool to play.  Just me and my boy.  It was nice.  He loves the slides and does really well in the water.  He really wants to swim and tries hard to kick his feet and move his arms.  He also loves to jump into the hot tub every 5 minutes.  Nan and Grandpa Joe joined us for a while until we went to the room.

 Bryan was heading off to a meeting, so we roused Zoe, got dressed and went to the Atrium to see Santa!  Each of the kids sat on his lap and got a gift.  Zoe was pleased with her stick-n-peel scene, Avi was indifferent about his rattle but LOVED the music that started.  Zoe immediately wanted to play with her craft, so we got a seat in the little coffee shop to chill out while Nan got some excercise following Avi around.  He loves to pick at the fake flowers and play in the fountain.  There was a band playing, but soon a Caroling show started, so we stayed and joined in!  It was quite fun.  Zoe ran into her friend Bella from Kids Crew – another girl her age that she has been pal-ing around with.  They sat together and sang the songs, too.  It’s adorable to see my little girl so social.  Avi had fun clapping along and dancing, but started to wander. 

We had a final whole-family dinner reservation at the Aqua tonight at 5:30.  It was an enjoyable time.  So nice to hear everyone’s favorite things, enjoy a special 4 course Christmas menu, and spend time together. We were seated by a window so Avi was busy playing in the sil most of the time until the food came.  He has enjoyed the chicken nuggets, fruit, and bread on this trip…plus other rando things we’ve offered.  Dessert is his favorite.

Tonight all the guys and Rosalie had Cigars under the Stars at the Bier Garten up on the toppest deck after dinner.  I’m sure they had fun!  Mom, Bethany, me and the kids, however, enjoyed the final show of the cruise: Elements.  It was fascinating!!  a cirque-du-soliel kind of thing.  The performers danceed, sang used trapeze, swung from cloth, and did some magic…all in color and music coordinating to the 4 elements.  They added ‘snow’ at the end – I think it was special for the Christmas season.   Both our kids were fascinated the whole time.  Zoe especially enjoyed the ‘mermaids’ that popped down from the ceiling directly in front of us; we were again at our special spot in the balcony.  Avi liked dancing along to the deep tribal beats during the ‘earth’ portion.   The show ended with a rousing tribute to all the staff – with many of them on stage holding their country flag.  We all agreed it was great.

I was going to meet Bryan to watch another comedy show just after the bit Elements show, but it ran late.  I still had to take Zoe down to the room to change for her final PJ party with the Kids Crew!   She has loved the kids crew!!! Bryan figured it out and met us while I was dropping her off.  Mom babysat Avi while Bryan I joined the young crowd in Tyler’s new room.  So, Tyler has heard a high pitched beeping sound this whole cruise and not been able to sleep, but got upgraded to a balcony room after someone else had to get off the boat in Cozumel!  Tyler and Rosalie slept much better in their new room.  Tonight, Bethany, Stefan, Bryan and I joined them to hang out for a bit of sibling time.  It was nice.  Eventually, Bryan headed back to our room to get stuff packed and I had to go get Zoe – Kid’s Crew runs until 1030.  When I picked her up she was tired but happy – she had had a great time at the party.  We stopped by the cafe for an ice cream treat on our way back to the room.  Mom and Dad were still up, they had gotten Avi to sleep in their room again. Zoe wanted to sleep with them too.  So, Bryan and I got another kid-free night!  Merry Christmas Eve!

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