General Coffee State Park when it’s 28 degrees

We love camping… Too much maybe… We have been antsy to get out and plans to go to FL for manatee kayaking fell through; it was too cold. So we decide instead to camp further north. Not much further, but norther and colder.

General Coffee State Park is an hour north of Valdosta. We drove up Sunday after church when it was in the 60s out. Spent the afternoon setting up camp – the place was near empty- and playing in the playground. Gone are the days Bryan and I would have forlornly snugged in the most remote site mad to even be at a campground. Instead we sought out the site nearer to other kids and beside the playground… Like it was our very own.

The park also has a great little farm. There are original an reproduction farm buildings, but the highlight is the animals. There are chickens, ducks and turkeys wandering around for Avi an Zoe to chase and torment. We also brought some apples to feed the horse who must have been famished. It tried eating Zoes hand. There were also mules and goats and sheep. Avi loved the goats; they also loved him or at least how he tasted through a fence. The highlight though were the two little kitties in the interpretation cabin. Both kids adored these guys. We even went back to the cabin after a walk around the lake to say goodnight.

Back at camp it was chilly. We had dinner, s’mores at the campfire, and retired to our tent. It was cold but we were warm enough in the tent. I wouldn’t say we were toasty- got a bit cold out from under the duvet – but it was fine. The kids sleep between Bryan and I so they were fine.

In the morning Avi woke us early to cold cold cold day. We played int the tent got breakfast and packed up into the hot car. Aaaaahhh. It was fun to get out.

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