Sundance Film Festival Day 1

As I got on the plane this morning in the dark at 6am, my gut feeling was that I was missing something. Yeh! Two things: Zoe and Avi. Plus, my carry-on feels completely empty with just a little laptop, a cord, and my calendar.
 There is extra space in there for – nothing!
What? No diapers, no toys, no crayons, no snacks… Oh wait… No snacks? ! Oops. That would’ve been nice. Now I get to sleep or read or stare out the window. The opportunities are endless, and what do I feel? I miss those guys. They really make travel an adventure. Now I have no one to point out the blindly lights for and no big heater/child on my lap to keep me warm. I guess I’ll buy a magazine in Atlanta. That should fill the void.

Well I spent an hour at the Atlanta airport searching for the USO only to finally figure that it’s outside security. Oh well I guess I got some exercise to burn of my chik-fil-a sandwich and Cinnabon.

Flight to salt lake was uneventful after a rough takeoff with lightening striking close enough to make me jump. The guy next to me was nice and we talked periodically … great not-awkward non-obligatory chatting. The best fun was playing InFlight trivia challenge. I won three times in a row against the other passengers. Then I cut my losses and went back to reading. Landing in Salt Lake was a bit bumpy – but mostly I noticed the giant cloud covering the city.  It barely started to rain as we walked off the jet and by the time I meandered to get my bags it was snowing – and then by the time I got my rental car it was huge flakes coming down in giant chunks.  Luckily I upgraded to an all wheel drive Ford Escape.  Took me about 5 minutes to remember how to drive in the snow.  Crazy deja-vu as I walked through the Salt Lake airport and then massive flashbacks as I drove out of the airport.  Oh how I recall my numerous trips in and out of this place ‘back in the day’. 

So mom is joining me this evening and has had her own adventure being driving all over PA only to have flights cancel and be rerouted twice.  She’ll be in tonight, thankfully!  Lots of texting throughout the day keeping tabs on who is where. To occupy my now-alone afternoon I went directly to the Sundance Ticket office and got my tix!!! woo hooo.  I’m super excited to see Tylers film. I popped in the adjacent grocery to grab some take out dinner for mom and then I bought snow boots – the accumulation since I got here has been about 4 inches!  Snow boots.  Yes.  I will be wearing those fashionable things around all the famous people at Sundance.

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