Avi Emotion

Avi cracks me up. One minute he’s super happy and the next he is going limp in anger. Most of the time, though, he is a fun little guy. Today when I went to pick him up from school (I take him 2 times a week to mothers morning out at the same place Zoe attends) he was sticking himself into the frig in the play kitchen
. The ladies who watch him said he just had a blast today being silly and that they had been watching him stick his head in and then pull it out squealing with delight for a long time. I guess he made up a peek-a-boo frig game. He was so wrapped up in it he didn’t even hear me call his name at the door. Typically he is staring at the door as the other parents have almost always arrived earlier than me to pick up their kids.

  Later he did his typically Avi-romp around the backyard. He loves to look down and just run full speed around the yard. Eventually he trips on something since he’s not looking where he is going. Good thing he is still quite low to the ground. It’s not far and the yard is soft. He also loves to bring me or Bryan stuff – our own stuff usually. He will appear with my toothbrush or Bryans shoe’s or some food he found in the couch cushion that he thought he’d share. He is quite a nice boy and loves to share. Zoe will whine and complain when Avi joins her in play, but he just takes it in stride and hands her whatever toy she’s whining about – even if it isn’t something she was playing with. I doubt he’ll be so willing to give in for long, but he does seem to simply be geniunely kind.

He really tries to communicate alot lately, too. Lots of babbling and telling complete stories in Avi-speak. Some we can make out, and with context can often figure out what he is trying to get. Most of his words still start with ‘ch’ so it’s tough and he does get frustrated…it comes on fast, too. When he isn’t allowed to do something, or can’t communicate his needs he whines and then goes into crying. The tough part, though, is that he also goes limp. I can almost always see this crescendo so I prep by getting behind him so when he does go limp he slides down my legs and I catch his head with my feet. I then just let him lay for a bit and he seems to get over it or find something else of interest.

His favorites right now: Airplane book from the library, All about me book, any picture book, his new camper toy, sticks, throwing things down the slide, being chased, knocking over blocks, pushing anything with buttons, snacks of all kinds especially blueberries, crazy noodles, rice, and he just ate a ton of lentil soup.


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