Daddy-Daughter Dance

This is the second year that Bryan has taken Zoe to the Valdosta Father Daughter dance, and Zoe’s anticipation was months coming.  She’s been asking when it is since last year!

Finally, it arrived and amazingly it coincided with her schools’ Donuts for Dads morning. So, Bryan was able to go into her school for their special morning – complete with donuts and drinks, a
‘together’ craft, and some special craft gifts Zoe had made for Bryan.  On Thursday he was scheduled to fly Friday morning, so we had her prepped to understand he wasn’t going to make it, and that was OK because he would come another day for their craft….then he found out his flight was cancelled!  She was ecstatic!

 Later, when I picked her up from school we laid out all her stuff for the dance….fancy dress?  check – red, fluffy and flowery – thanks Aunt Beppy!  fancy jewelry?  check – the necklace Daddy got her in Afghanistan, a pretty bracelet, the crown (of course)  makeup?  check – and Mommy put it on this time, so there wasn’t any on her forehead where she prefers…but that was OK this time around.  We took a nap and then got ready when Bryan got home from work.

Bryan got her a corsage and Zoe made Daddy a big tissue-paper flower.  He then took her to Ruby Tuesday at her request – she loves the salad bar and it’s a ‘feels fancy’ kind of place for her.  Then it was off to the ball!  Bryan said they had fun – though she quite enjoyed running and being chased by him.  There were fancy decorations, fancy cakes and desserts, and dancing of course.  The pictures include her playing out on the convention center patio area where there was a fox decoy.  interesting.  After the dance, he took her to the ice cream shop.  What a great long date with Daddy!!

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  1. Zoe you are a beautiful princess and Daddy the handsome prince!! So glad you had a fun night!!

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