Hip hip for sir Douglas!

Our knight won the joust! We drove down to Gainesville to go to the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire. I think I made the mistake of choosing the day everyone else came too! It was so packed that we waited in a car line for 45 minutes before being diverted to the bus-in lot because the main lot was full. The crowds dispersed at the fest.. so we enjoyed the people dressed up? The vendors, and some
shows. Zoe loved riding in a giant hanging spinning barrel and watching the rat show.  She also had fun shooting arrows (with ball-tips) at a real live knight in armor! I gave it a try, too, fun shooting at people. Avi seemed to like sliding out of the stroller an running off the best, but also loved the horses and his wooden sword.

Both kids were a bit of a challenge.. with Avi escaping and Zoe pitching a fit over pepperoni. Overall, though, it was enjoyable and the joust was fun for all! Zoe wanted to take home the cabbage and eat the apples that the knights had sliced.

Hours festing left us tired so we drive down to Paynes Prairie State Park for the night. Yesterday I reserved a walk in campsite. The campground is nice and wooded with a tent pad to define our spot in the gaggle of tents. There are a bunch of other kids back here so Zoe and Avi ( who promptly slept when we got in the car) ran around playing. Hide and seek in the low palms. Since its so warm out, and I didn’t think about it, we didn’t have a fire. Instead we sat around my little lantern and read book. Unfortunately Avi touched the top of the lantern… At first I thought I grabbed his hand quick enough, but he kept crying I saw redness on his thumb. Cooled it off with water and used the burn salve in my med kit. It made him cry off and on the rest of the night. Our tent time was spent playing with wipes and soft things, but he kept bumping it on stuff and screaming. He wanted to crawl around at sleep time and eventually dozed off…best sleep in a long time. Avi slept through the night for the first time in weeks!

This morning we were off to the playground, a bike ride around the park, and then the UF natural history museum before driving home.  We’ve been to the Natural history museum alot – the kids love the kids touch zone, the cave area, and the fossils.  Today, though, we paid (the rest is free) for a special dinosaur exhibit!  It was a hit…fossils, paintings and real paleontologists behind glass doing STUFF!

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