The season begins

I love this time of year! Garden time!!! Of course here in Georgia it starts months before anywhere else. So, the second week in January we started our seeds in my little greenhouse and now they are sprouting. We have sweet peas, tomatoes, pepper, eggplant, beans, and more! Plus some marigolds and two bleeding hearts for Zoe. She’s been wanting one of those since we saw them in Romania.

Today the kids and I tilled out the garden weeds since its meant to rain. I think we will wait one more week to plant in the ground. Seems to be getting cold overnight again. I want to get started so we can have a spring crop. I am hopeful for an early summer PCS though I don’t want to miss out on our harvest!

Avi enjoys digging in the dirt. Zoe is becoming a great gardener and was invaluable when planting the seeds. Now she wants the blueberries to ripen. I keep explaining our bush needs to grow leaves first.

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