Got up at 0545 this morning, dressed, brushed my teeth careful not to swallow a thing, and drove myself in the dark to the surgery center at South Georgia Medical Center. No breakfast and a grumbly stomach. Checked in and was promptly taken to a pre-op room. Ugh. Today is the day.

I was weighed, BP checked, peed in a cup, and signed more papers. Then the nurse helped me
change into a hugemongous hospital gown that would fit an elephant. I had it on backwards in a flattering wrap – around way. Wrong; gotta wear it with the back hanging open. It’s OK, though, all the extra fabric makes it a great blanket too. Heck, it’s almost a snuggi!

Dr Allen came in to chat and gave me post op info about my 3 drugs! Antibiotics and two hardcore pain meds…Yikes this is going to suck. Actually the suck started when my nurse tried to get an IV in. She dug around in my arm for a while and then got it in my wrist. Ow. It hurt even after it was in; anytime I moved my hand. Oh well. She was so nice and apologetic. After that the anesthesiologist came in to tell me all about being knocked out… First a drug for nerves, then a drug to sleep, then I stay asleep with a tube in my throat, then some drug to fight nausea, and I wake up feeling great. Well, maybe a sore throat. 🙂

The first drug in my IV was a type of Valium … Supposed to relax… I felt a bit drunk but tired and my eyes couldn’t focus – tough to type on the iPhone, comprehend the TV, or stay awake.  Sent my last couple of texts.  I was soon wheeled on my bed into the operating room. It was big, with big lights, and lots of medical stuff.  My nurse helped me slide over to the operating table and put a pillow under my knees. Anesthesia guy came in and thought I was very alert for being on Valium, then he slowly put the next drug in my IV.  Last thing I remember contemplating were the big lights, and then …………. there were two nice nurses getting me into a giant recliner bed.  We talked for a bit and they told me I wouldn’t remember the convo, but I do.  They said the surgery went well, but I bit my lip.  It was fat and hurts.  It was over.  I felt fine but crazy groggy and out of it – the closest thing I can liken it to was the time Zoe and I flew space-A non stop for 36 hours from Korea to Washington DC.  I was pretty loopy then too.

In my recovery room, the nurse gave me a big cup of apple juice and turned on the TV.  It was irritating, so I turned it off and actually fell back asleep.  Woke when my blood pressure cuff alarmed – I guess my heart rate gets low when I sleep. It happened a few times and struck me as curious because this is what alarmed Avi’s Apnea monitor all the time when he slept.  I’ve never had reason to be monitored when sleeping; she said it was not dangerous at all just below the average range the machine was set for.  Well the 3rd time it woke me up I just stayed up and watched the Tudors on Netflix on my phone…then Bryan and the kids walked in!  The nurse had called them when she saw I was staying awake.  She came and gave us my Rx, some rules (no dairy for today – boo, I premaid myself a huge thing of pudding), and I got changed to go.  The drugs made me really dizzy; my legs felt rubbery and unstable, too, so she wheeled me out to the car.

This afternoon at home I just laid in bed, watched some Netflix, worked on some of our Shutterfly yearbook (I’ll have to recheck those pages), and randomly napped. I would simply wake up now and then looking at the laptop wondering how long I was asleep.  Zoe joined me in bed for a real nap, but otherwise Bryan kept the kids out.  I was pretty exhausted.  After dinner (for them), though, I got out of bed and wandered a bit.  Talking is tough and scratchy, so Bryan got me a little white board.  He has also been keeping my med schedule, and bringing me food.  I was very hungry and devoured a whole carton of chicken broth, applesauce, popsicles, and even chicken noodle soup.  Bryan kindly took the chicken chunks out, though.  That would hurt.  I don’t feel too bad this evening – a bit medicine-head-ish, tired, and a big sore throat but nothing as extreme as I expected.  I guess the Codeine works.

Dr. Allen called this evening to check up on me, and I mentioned that I felt a bit OK.  He cautioned me not to push it because day 3-6 of recovery tend to actually be the worst.  Alright.  Oh, and stay hydrated.  Check!

in my glorious gown
the owy stick that still at the end of the day is sore, bruised, and feels tight.

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  1. Hope you have a quick recovery. My tonsils were removed 59 years ago when I was 10 years old…It was a big deal then..3 day hospital stay. I remember it quite well. Take care !
    from a Pennsylvania cousin, Mary Barmont Haubrick

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