So… Tonsillectomy Recovery Sucks

Finally! yes finally! I feel like I can eat *some* solid foods. I had my tonsils out 2 weeks ago and let me just say, again, it sucks. The surgery went well. I had them out with the modern coblation technique, which I cannot explain other than it’s modern and has to do with heating plasma instead of
just heating up an instrument. So I had no bleeding and the spots where my tonsils used to be looked nice and burned.

Once I was home, though, the pain set in. It’s crazy how a tonsil surgery really just affects everything within your head – my jaw hurt, my tongue hurt, my uvula was all bloaty, and – worst of all – my ears killed. I was on the heavy prescription meds for about 4 days – it was oxycodone, and worked well. I felt able to come off of it by day 5 and was really not in too much pain regularly at that point. The trouble is that anytime I swallowed it was horrible! There was not only instant sore-throat burning and scraping, but my jaw would hurt and I couldn’t open my mouth very wide. Then, after about 3 bites the pain would just radiate up into my ears like the worst ear infection EVAR! It would then continue for another hour or so. Basically, if I didn’t eat or drink or swallow anything I felt fine. I popped a huge motrin before eating, but it didn’t seem help me swallow as much as it lessened the ear pain. Of course, I have these kiddo’s to watch and Bryan had to go back to work after the weekend. He was on nights so in the evening when I felt super crappy I wasn’t happy to be getting grumpy kids to bed. To top it all off I was sleeping horribly; I’m a belly sleeper trying to sleep plumped up on pillows so my hears won’t hurt as bad. We made it through, though. Zoe was a super help at times; bringing me diapers for Avi, behaving well, and going to bed by herself! Avi, however, decided that he hated that Daddy couldn’t put him to bed. A few nights he just had to cry about that. Then, he would walk over to our bed later and crawl in. Bryan and I were simply too tired to take him back. Sneaky guy.

Tired, hungry, and feeling like crap. That is all I have to say about last week. By Friday, though, (which would be day 10) I felt like I could eat something beyond liquid and tried some squishy french fries at the squadron party. Saturday my throat was back to being sore after swallowing, but the ear pain wouldn’t radiate as long. Now I do feel fine to eat most things that are squishable; I can’t broach chips or crusty things or any meat yet….but Bryan and I went on a date last night for Chinese. Rice, sushi and noodles are fine!

Now, at 2 weeks post-surgery I still feel like I have a sore throat – like a sick throat – and swallowing is uncomfortable. My ears will hurt a bit after eating and overnight, but not super bad. The back of my throat still feels odd. It feels like something, maybe scabs or just still inflammation is back there and I get lots of drainage to pull down from my palate. Yucky Yuck. Can’t wait for it to stop.

Poor Avi gets to have his Adenoids and Tonsils out on March 19th. I don’t envy him the recovery, though, we’ve been told it’s quicker for kiddo’s. I sure hope so!

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