Glorious day

Today has been so nice. It was 75 degrees and sunny and breezy. I opened all the windows and aired the house all day. Ahhhh- fresh clean spring air.

Then we spent the whole day out back. Cleaned and hung 6 loads of laundry – all our sheets and quilts plus the clothes! Aired out the duvets to pack away. Dug some grass from the side yard to fill the mud pit Zoe created after the weekend storms. Hosed off all the outdoor junk and cleaned the patio.

The kids helped me with the grass and steared clear of my clean laundry. Then they stripped down to undies for hose-off time. Now Zoe’s friend Jaylin is over. They have scaled the fence and are climbing along it around the whole yard. Avi has had fun today practicing his balance bike (the pukey bethany). His legs are still just barely too short. Zoe and I worked on her two-wheeler skills too.

The local kitty joined us for most of the day though I had to put him out of the fence at lunch. He kept trying to jump up and eat Avi’s food. It’s so nice eating outside; I think we’ll do the same for dinner. Sans cat again.

This was Saturday … during the Tornado Watch. Of course I was out front watching.

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