Festival Frenzy

This weekend we were busy busy busy.  Saturday we went to the International Festival, which was quite enjoyable.  There are info boards from (about) every country, foods to try, informaional sessions, and a cool dance competition.  Zoe loved the dancing – all the costumes and music.  In fact, she wanted to stay longer but Bryan and I were ready to go see other things.  Avi liked the food, of course, especially yaki mandu.  Zoe remembers it from Korea and got some, but Avi ate alot of hers.  He also seemed enthralled with the dancing.

We watched a few info sessions, too.  The Taekwondo was cool and kept the kids’ attention, as did the Korean wedding and the Korea Sparkling video.  Too funny that we happened into  the info area during the Korea presentations.  We also spent a good bit of time at the African drumming circle.  Both kids liked to drum and watch the dancer. 

In the evening we worked hard at getting our house more prepped for sale.  It’s been on militarybyowner.com and zillow.com for a couple weeks, but we need to really get it out there.  So, it’s time for a realtor.  We hired a non-traditional one, though.  He posts to the MLS, takes pictures, etc… for a flat fee; won’t show it or have open houses.   This way we’ll only have to pay realtor percentage to the buyers agent.  Regardless, we needed to clear out extra clutter, pictures, toys, etc… and paint the bathroom, patch a few walls, get a storage unit for the extra stuff. We just bought Zoe and Avi new beds for in Korea, but need to get them out of the garage. Busy work.  Our house looks great.  The realtor thought it was wonderful; now just someone buy it .

Sunday was the Azalea Festival. This is a big park festival with vendors and kid stuff and food.  I was there in a booth selling the THRIVE food – it’s my new home business.  My freind manned the booth Saturday and asked if I’d like it sunday, so it was my first sales.  Kind of fun.  Bryan and the kids came after church.  Zoe apparently liked the rock wall, but Avi was too busy running amuk.  The weather has been amazing – 70s and sunny!

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