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Every Friday Zoe has”share day” at school. They are to bring in an item to show to the class that begins with the letter of the week. We always have fun picking out something unique.

This week was U week. We thought of umbrella, and utensil, and unicorn but figured all the other kids would bring those obvious choices. No one actually has a ukulele so that was out. As Zoe gathered up some forks and spoons and resigned herself to utensils she remembered her favorite planet: Uranus!

Our current favorite car music is the “science is real” CD from They Might be Giants. So, of course, the Paleontologist song is her favorite but she also loves the planet song. It has made her think about the planets and how we all must pick a favorite. She also has a planet puzzle. Uranus is a pretty ‘aquamagreen’ color. So it’s her favorite.

In other news Avi had his pre-op appointment and is all set for his adenoid and tonsil surgery on Monday. Show time: 0600.

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