Taking a kid to get surgery sucks

This morning I woke at 0525, brushed teeth, ate a banana, and took a still sleeping Avi out to the car. He was groggy but curious and woke watching the lights on the road.

We got to the South Georgia Medical Center at his check in time of 6 am. He hated getting the wristband put
 on his ankle but got over it quickly and snuggled into blankly. Poor little guy was sleepy and just wanted to snuggle. We read the Little Red Caboose and played with his special truck from school until being called back to the Outpatient surgery center.

Avi was weighed, blood pressure taken on his leg, and temp. His surgery nurse came in to give him some meds to help him calm down. Then he got a cute tiny hospital gown before We settles into the bed to watch some Curious George. At some point he grabbed my cell phone and as the drugs kicked in he couldn’t let it go. He just stared at it and kept pushing the button like it was the most incredible thing in the world.

Dr. Lay came in and went over the surgery with me. The nurse will take him to the OR where he will get the gas mask on to get him to sleep. Then he will he this IV for anesthesia and the surgery starts. He is getting both adenoids and tonsils out using the coblation method. This is the same as I got done a few weeks ago. Less bleeding or injury to surrounding tissue. The procedure should only take a half hour.

At 0725 the OR nurse Came in to get him. Sad. He was livid that I took away my phone and no amount of ‘bait and switch’ would work. So I picked him up and gave him a big hug before handing him off. She carried him down the hall and around the corner. I could hear him scream the whole way.

After that drama the nurse came to check on me and suggested I pop down to the cafe and quickly grab some food to bring back and eat. Thankful for a distraction I hustled down for a to-go box of eggs, sausage, a biscuit and a giant Dr Pepper. Back in the room I ate my breakfast of champions and started flipping thought the TV options when Dr Lay returned! That was fast; it wasnt even quite 800.

The doc said Avi did great and he stopped screaming once the mask was on. “we always win” he says with a funny doctor humor laugh. So, Avi is in recovery now and I’m waiting in his hospital room for him to be brought up. They watch him for a bit as the anesthesia wears of and then will bring him to the room. The OR nurse had told me to hurry up to the room after the Dr speaks with me so I can be here when he is done. It’s been about a half hour so I hope to see him soon.

Because he is under 2 years old he is admitted to the hospital instead of going home like a true outpatient surgery. They want to monitor him overnight as a precaution. No adverse reactions or infection or bleeding.

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