So, Avi finally joined me in his hospital room screaming his head off.  The nurse said it was normal for them to be mad and disoriented after having the anesthesia, and she was right!  He was so frustrated he wouldn’t be comforted by me or a drink or anything so I put him in the crib until he came too.  After about a half hour of screaming, rolling around, and keeping him from pulling out the IV he finally let me pick him up.  We
 snuggled for a while and watched some TV then he fell asleep.

Bryan had spent the morning with Zoe and took her school before coming to the hospital to visit.  We switched shifts which let me pick Zoe up and get some food.  When we joined Bryan and Avi for lunch the little man was awake and enjoying some blue jello.  He seemed sad and tired and in pain, but content to rest on Daddy and watch some TV.  Bryan spent the rest of afternoon with Avi, who napped, ate more jello, and eventually got up the gumption to run up and down the hall of the pediatrics ward.  When Zoe and I stopped in again around 7:30pm he was back in bed napping.  I took over the night shift.

I ate some of my chicken dinner – I had gotten some chicken fingers and mashed potatoes thinking Avi may want the spuds.  Well, when he woke after another couple hours he shocked me at how happy and wild he was.  When I left he was so sad; this was a new child.  He promptly started climbing on everything: the little foldout chair/bed made a great ladder up to the window sill.  When he found my leftover chicken, though, he went nuts!!    He grabbed it and started noshing…chicken!?  What?  doesn’t your little throat hurt?  Those drugs must be good!  I quickly pulled off the crusty breading and he a a whole strip – like a half breast size!  The crazy guy then wanted to run – really run – with his balloon up and down the hallway.  We did that for a good half hour before coming back to the room and chatting with the grandparents on skype.  He showed off his climbing skills and discovered he could climb the sleep chair up onto the crib to play with the lights.   Eventually, around 11:30 he settled and fell alseep on me watching some TV.  I gently set him into the crib and got my bed-chair back in order.  Just after I turned out the lights he made a wet burp and then yack!  ugh, Chicken!?  Yep.  ALL that chicken came back up, with the jello.  Poor sad guy.

The nurse came, and changed his sheets and pillow and gown which were covered in vomit.  We then gave him his next dose of meds and I got him sleeping with me on the chair-bed.  At some point in the night I plopped him back in the crib.  The nurses came in about every 2 hours to check on him, and then at 6 the new shift nurse woke him with her need to get a blood pressure and other detailed stuff.  wow.  up for the day already.  Good thing, though. The doc came around 7am, was happy there was no more vomit and said he would discharge today with some good pain meds.

Avi loved his buttery eggs and biscut for breakfast, and had fun watching cartoons while I got us packed up.  We got discharge orders around 9 and were home by 930 in time for him to take another nap.  He seems exhausted!!  I hated to wake him at noon to go get Zoe from school; Bryan had taken her in.  In the afternoon, though, he played a bit around the house, but mostly wanted to snuggle on the couch and eat some pudding.

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