Little Man Words

Avi has grown into quite the little toddler.  He is funny, he likes to dance and clap.  When he’s in a silly mood he marches around.  When he’s mad he throws giant tantrums and goes limp…then he makes up with super snuggle time.  Mostly, though, he is interested in talking!  He tries new words daily and will
attempt any that I ask him to try.  Some favorites that he actually understands:

Shaw-wee = Zoe
Chick Chick = any bird or chicken nugget
Chickchick a roo = Cock a doodle doo ( rooster crow)
Chrain = train
Chruck = truck
Pweeee = flower – as in: it’s pretty. Usually he’s picked it and is handing it to me
Peeess = please
App Ole = Apple
Bakak = back pack which he enjoys wearing for fun
Shooo = shoe
shock = sock
sing = swing
app-plane = airplane
aa tin = A-10

He really likes the ch or sh sounds and seems to begin a lot of words with those.   He also says many words clear as a bell like NO and UP and Daddy.  Of course, Maa maa is usually a whiney cry sound.

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