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Mommy’s Little Helper

Mr. Avi has gotten used to me not being able to pick him up.  Though sometimes it makes him a glorious fuss, it has also freed him to become a wonderful little helper!  When I do the laundry, I hand him the clothes from the machine and he tosses them into the baskets.  Outside he (sometimes) hands me the clothespins to hang up.  His former enemy, the vacuum, has also become his new obsession.
Avi vacuumed almost the whole floor yesterday!  I hook up the hard floor attachment to the hose and he wanders around sucking stuff up. All I have to do is follow along with the machine; and direct a little. Outside his absolute favorite chore is watering.  I turn on the hose and let him spray the garden and the flowers.  He even seems to know to spray the new grass.

Of course, with this new found freedom comes some boldness.  Avi will push a kitchen chair over to the pantry, climb up, and dig around for snacks.  He also goes around with the swiffer to wipe up the floor, which is super cute.  Unfortunately, if I’ve left the TV remote laying around he will turn it on and yell,”chain chain” or “shaun” at it. Then he gets mad when I turn it off.  A good ride around the block on his “truck” ride on toy seems to make him happy again!

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