Tallahassee Museum

It’s been a while since we ventured down to the Tallahassee Museum.  We were members the first year we were here, and have loved it.  Since Bryan was gone most of last year we haven’t been.  Well, they have recently added a super cool new zipline and Tree to Tree adventure that just puts the fun over the top.

The best part:  it is FREE for MILITARY all summer.  Check out Blue Star Families for a TON of great museums around the country that are offering this.

The drive from Valdosta to Tallahassee is about an hour and a half, but worlds apart.  We love Tallahassee for all the bike paths, the natural food store, the parks, and (of course) the Tallahassee Museum.  We arrived in the afternoon, and it was hot.  The museum is almost totally outside, but it is also nicely shaded so we didn’t mind the heat so much.  The biggest fun was Zoe doing the kids’ Treemendous Adventure.  It’s the challenge ropes course for the 39″-60″ crowd, and was well worth the additional $15!  She was amazing!!  The staff got her hooked up in a full body climbing harness.  She was then taught her how to use her two caribeners opposing each other, and to always connect one at a time to the next obstacle.  Then, she was on her own climbing up the course. It started with a few easy ramps, then opened up to higher and higher open bridges and tunnels.  She was amazing messing around with the beaners and loved the whole thing!  The best part was the last obsticle:  a kiddo zip line!!  She got to go down it twice on each of her two go-arounds on the course. 

While she went on her second turn Avi and I explored a few of the old farm area.  There are a bunch of farm animals and a small living-history section with a house, barn, and work buildings.  He then ran around like a crazy man at the playground.  It was hot, but he didn’t seem to notice. Once Zoe and Bryan joined us we ventured down past the indoor kids discovery area and preschool (yes, an actual preschool I would’ve loved Zoe to attend IF ONLY Moody had been in Tallahassee).  On the way to zoo area there are now some super cool dinosaur statues made from old car parts.  Avi loved yelling DINO at them all and running around.  A walk around the zoo found the same native Florida animals that we’ve enjoyed before.  They were all surprisingly visible and awake, too, for it being so hot.  The fox was resting near the boardwalk, the bear was walking around, the gator was lounging out of his pool, and both Florida panthers were lazing in the shade.  We were even shocked to see the bobcat walking around, the otter swimming, and both wolves had dug glorious holes to cool in.  All the animals were out; Zoe was great at running ahead to spot them for us.  The coolest thing is that the new adult zipline adventure goes over many of the animal areas!  What a great new attraction!!

Our final stop was the caboose.  Avi squealed with delight that there was an actual train and loved climbing around the old conductors quarters.  At this point we were all hot and ready to go…skipped the cool old schoolhouse, church, and plantation house, though they’ve been fun to see in the past.  Before heading home we took a quick shopping excursion to the New Leaf Market; our favorite natural food store in Tallahassee.  It will be missed as we move to Korea, but we are excited to get back to buying our food at the open markets!

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