We’ve been here in the TLF for 5 days… only 2 to go!   It’s actually been kind of fun.  In the mornings I drive Avi over to a FCC (Family Child Care) provider; it’s a great lady who runs a daycare business out of her home.  We get 20 free hours of child care for each kiddo on either end of a PCS.  He ran in the first day super excited about all the new toys.  Yesterday and today, though, he was less than
thrilled at dropoff; didn’t cry as much as he was clingy until distracted with trains.  He seems to be adjusting to the move just fine as long as Bryan or I are around.  Every now and then he gets a bit fussy or clingy, which may be a result of all the changes.  As long as he is given cuddle time he seems to be having fun with the new TLF adventure.  So, his drop off at 800 is halfway down the road into town, then Zoe gets dropped at her school.  FUMC – the church part – is doing Vacation Bible School this week (as are almost every other church in town).  I decided that it would be fun for her to do that instead of the FCC and she seems to be enjoying herself alot.  It’s also nice for her to get a few final days at the school, and the bonus is some of her classmates are attending as well.  She gets going at 830.

After getting them situated I go over to the house to meetup with Bryan.  The movers arrived promptly on Monday morning and made quick work of packing our unaccompanied baggage – this is the small fast shipment of necessities that is intended to arrive early.  Tuesday they packed up our household goods and today they are loading it in the truck.  Unfortunately they arrived late today, so I didn’t get the chance to help Bryan out before it was time to pickup the kiddos’.  The guys doing the packing are quite nice and very thorough.  We are pleased with how it’s going.

Zoe’s VBS is over at 12.  I’ve taken her to the house a couple times after school to see the progress, and once to give a gift to her best friend Jaylin.  This was tough for her.  She started crying when we were over there hugging and wanted to go.  Later, when we talked about it she seemed fine though. “We’ll talk on Skype” she said.  I hope so.  We’ve “friended” Jaylin on FB (what 5 year old has a FB account!?) – so we should be able to keep in touch. I’ve also made a point to take Zoe over to friends’ houses to play and say other goodbyes. She seems to be taking it in stride, and mostly complains that it is taking too long to get to PA. Avi needs picked up by 1 pm, so we head back up to the base for the afternoon.  Naptime or swimtime or playtime.  We’ve spent afternoons walking to the BX and commissary, playing in the TLF playground, and simply hanging out on our porch watching the cars and thunderstorms.  Today we lucked out with a sunny day and walked to the base pool after school.  After that they were asking for a nap!  Avi saying ‘seep seep’ and Zoe wanting to rest. 

Living in the TLF has been fine.  We are certainly not following our regular schedule…instead we are going to sleep late, watching TV, and eating out.  Whatever!  It’s a vacation!  Zoe and Avi seem to have fun sleeping in their little bedroom with two single beds, while Bryan and I are in the second room with a queen size.  Last night, however, Zoe built herself a little loft with the kitchen chairs and slept there.   I’ve made dinner a couple nights with all our leftovers from the home pantry, and am doing laundry right now listening to the A-10s shoot on the range.  I guess the jet noise is good practice for living on base in Korea. Being here is kind of just fun to me!  Such a cute little row house with everything we need walking distance, and a BONUS person to clean for us.  

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