Vacation in Pennsylvania!

We are loving the fact that we aren’t returning to Valdosta after this visit!!  We have somehow gotten busy visiting family, sitting around out back, playing in the neighborhood, going for walks, and picking raspberries.  Zoe and Avi are especially enjoying time to simply play in a place where is just isn’t so hot.  We have gone on a few outings – shopping for Zoe’s birthday at the Forsters Playmobil store in State College, having a blast
 at the Quaint Corner kids museum in Altoona, and playing at the playground in Hollidaysburg.  Avi had a special day out with Daddy going to the Horseshoe Curve and Railroad museum; I guess Avi thought it was fun but having the trains blast past so closely made him want to be held.  Zoe and I also had a special day out at the Altoona Library carnival getting signed up for summer reading, followed up with a trip to the Toys R Us for some special birthday treatment.  We also drove up to the land and got to see the rafters being put on top of Nana and Pappy’s new house, saw a bear, picked berries, caught fish, and watched a mama deer with two fawns.

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