More time in PA.

Our visit here has been relaxing.  Bryan flew out to Korea on the 7th, so the kids and I are now staying with my mom and dad.  We’ve not done much short of throw a huge 30/60/90 party for Tyler, Dad, and Granddad.  It was an amazing surprise to all three men!  Bethany and I stayed up late the last few nights getting pictures in order for presentations on Tyler and Dad, so we were sleepy but it was so worth it.  The Bald Eagle State Park lodge was the perfect setting.  We had a meal, presentations, a group photo, and then a delicious cake.  Mom did all the pre-planning.  So, that was our focus for the first week I was over here.

After that we’ve just been hanging out and having fun.  The kids go on lots of lawn tractor rides with Grandpa Joe.  They play on the swingset, swim in the little pool, run around picking raspberries and plums, and are generally outside all day. They will barely come inside to eat. Zoe has also enjoyed doing crafts with Nan – especially a kids felt sewing kit and stamping favors for the party.  It’s so nice to see them have a fun active summer.

Nan took off work for the week, too, so we spent 4 days camping at Prince Gallitzen State Park.  I love camping.  It was so nice to get out in the fresh night air to sleep in the tent with Avi.  Zoe, of course, loves sleeping in Nan and Grandpa Joe’s camper; this year she migrated up to the bunk. Both the kids loved swimming at the beach on the lake.  Avi has been a bit of a handful to keep near the camper, as he tries to figure out his boundaries.  He has loved taking rides in the wagon or stroller and watching the camping village go by.   Zoe has done amazing perfecting her biking skills on the little BMX track and has simply impressed my socks off at her ability to go around the course. It meant a lot of running for me as I followed her around many times until she was doing it all on her own.  Felt good to run, though.  I also got back on the bike and loved the campground trail – haven’t done any sport since my surgery and it felt so GREAT!

The weather has been hot and dry, though.  Today it is finally a colder dreary day with much needed rain.  We focused on getting prepped for my cousins upcoming wedding, shopping, and TV watching.  Bethany is getting a birthday party planned for Avi, as well. Taking the kids to visit the great-grandparents again is on the agendo, too.  Seems like it’s been a relaxing time but it sure has flown by; I’ve got a list of stuff I need to accomplish before leaving.  Should be a fun final couple weeks before taking our train to Seattle and flying to Korea!

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