Today was a beautiful day in Seattle. We took the link light rail into the city where I had to get some last minute things done. Stuff like taking orders to the Verizon store so we can be done with our cell phones. We then walked to the Pike place market whig. Was crowded on a Saturday. Zoe loved it – all the gorgeous flowers and fruit and veggies. She picked out a bouquet for Daddy and we bought some berries for lunch.

It was a few blocks walk away to the ferry but he weather was so nice it didn’t matter. Our crappy Korean stroller even survived! Avi fell asleep as we boarded the ferry to Bainbridge island.Zoe and I enjoyed the trip and fresh food from the market. In Bainbridge we went to the Kidi mu – the kids museum. Free for military with the blue star program! It was great!!!! Zoe loved the grocery and all the ball- obstacle games. Avi found a big dump truck and a grocery cart to push around.

In the evening we got foo from the most amazing grocery store I’ve ever seen, ate at the playground, and then took our ferry back to Seattle. We then walked Up up up a hill to the light rail that we rode back to the airport and our hotel.

Tonight I packed. We need to wake at 345am to catch the 415 shuttle and check in for our flight to Osan!!! We are excited to see Bryan and get deep into moving to the new apartment.

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