The new house!

Well we were able to move into the new off base house a day early. Because typhoon bolaven is coming, the inspector pushed his schedule to inspect it yesterday afternoon instead of today. The base inspector has to approve any off base dwelling for Americans. Anyway, it wasn’t a matter of passing but it’s a hurdle to cross. So last night we threw everything in trash bags and stuffed the car. It took 5
trips and now we are here! Good thing too, because the winds have picked up and it looks like the typhoon may hit earlier in the day.

Our on base place still needs the loaner furniture removed – supposed to happen at 930 and I’m not sure it will. Otherwise it just needs cleaned and then it should pass inspection on Wednesday. So we have until 3 pm tomorrow to get it ready.. Shouldn’t be too bad since we weren’t there long enough to destroy anything, but it will be a very thorough inspection.

Today it is just great to be snug in the new house putting things away! Hopefully we don’t flood. 🙂


  1. Hi Lauren! We did decide against base housing. This place is right in Songtan just out the back gate. They took that big fenced hill-full-of-junk out the gate and turned it into a great city park. The house is just past that. Walkable to the front, and very close for Bryan to bike in the back to work. The only bummer is distance to school – the closest bus stop is the front gate. I wish they would have one near the back gate =)


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