School is Coming

This morning Zoe’s teacher visited us at home.  It was so nice to get to meet Mrs. Francis at our house and chat one on one.  She seems super nice.  I’m so excited for Zoe to start school with her!!  She is new to Osan, but not new to Dodea.  In fact, she’s coming from Turkey, which is rad.  Zoe thought it was neat that her teacher was visiting at the house and showed her all her newest art pieces.

Last Tuesday we actually met Mrs. Francis, but it was at a busy Meet-n-greet event at the school.  They had the students’ class teachers posted, and then we could walk around and see the room and meet the teachers.  It was busy and quick.  There are 4 kindergartens here, with 17 kids in the class. The playground is outside the kinder rooms and they are the only ones who use it.  The poor sad older kids (and Zoe next year) have to walk up to the playground near the indoor pool, but not everyday.  Some days they go to the blacktop.  The cafeteria is little, so there are 4 shifts for lunch.  Kinder is first at 11am!   I will plan on a snack for her when she gets home.  The library is neato and occupies a big open space at the entrance to the school – you can tell it is retro fitted, but it works out to be really neat.

The week prior to that the school had a tour day for new students and kinder parents.  At that we had a briefing from the principal and a tour around the school  We found out the school is pretty over packed…to the extent that the 5th grade is at the jr. high and the 4th may be soon.  The base is building a new school near the front gate. Yipeee!!  It will be super close for us, but who know if it will be done.  supposedly it was to be done before now, but it seems they’ve just broken ground.  Maybe the final year we are here she can attend the new school.  Until then, we are happy with Mrs. Francis!!

Zoe meeting Mrs. Francis!

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