One sleepless night

So, Avi is a loony bin.  He is such a sweet boy, but also a nutter.  He loves hugs and kisses and (always) being on my lap.  He also, however, loves to throw things and bite. And when he gets mad he gets MAD!  Today I was packing up for our upcoming Labor Day weekend trip and realized we needed some jjimjilbang baskets.  Easy enough, we took a quick jaunt in the rain downtown (its so
nice and close to the new place) to snag some.  Well, on the way back I popped into a shirt store that was having a sale and Avi decided this was the place to run around and be crazy.  He kept skirting me by leaping through the racks while I had to go around.  I finally caught him and carried him to the OUT, but he got mad about this and went limp.  Yes, he is that kid that just lets it loose.  Well this time I also had stuff in my right hand so I held onto him with what I could do with his arm in my left hand.  He landed on the floor – on his bum – with a not-to-hard thud.  I thought it a success because his head was intact.  Quickly getting ready to leave  I put down the junk in my right hand, and turned around to see him letting out a fresh wail and holding his elbow.  “OH NO!” 

I could tell right away that his elbow was dislocated again.  The way he held it, the way he wouldn’t move it. I just KNEW.  Dang it.  The KT guy was supposed to be here in an hour to setup the internet.  Bummer.  I called and rescheduled, we booked it home on the stroller, got in the car, and drove up to the ER on base.  It didn’t take long to get us into a room, but the nurse and doc weren’t convinced it was dislocated.  So, we waited around for X-rays.  3 X-rays.  Seems excesssive.  My poor radiated son.  The doc looked at it again and did all this gentle pinching, moving of his wrist and shoulder and was prepped to let us leave with just, “give him some tylenol”, when I said, “but this is the reaction I get…” and then I slowly gently, but still forceably, straightened his arm and bent it at the elbow back to his shoulder.  Sad little Avi let out the most horrible scream, and I felt bad but needed the doc to believe me.  Now she did.  She was now unsure of herself and went upstairs to get the Orthopaedic Doc who was super nice and simply went, “Yep its nursemaid elbow” and popped it in.  He sort of showed me how in case it happened again, but I don’t think I’ll mess with that.  Afterward I could here him out in the hall giving the doc and the first nurse a bit of a lesson on how to tell without resorting to the X-rays which were not helpful anyway because his little arm is too small.  It was good to hear them making a learning moment out of it.  It all, of course, was a bit familiar since the SAME THING happened in Istanbul last year.  This time, though, I wasn’t leaving until they popped that sucker back in.  Bryan was able to jump out of work early and meet us just as we left.

Well, Avi was happy as a clam. Gave him a dose of Tylenol to knock off the soreness and we got home to pack up the car and GO on our trip!  This weekend we are headed to Gyeongju, the Korean capital of history.  It was the capital of the Shilla Kingdom for a thousand years – starting in BC!  It’s about 3.5 hours south, but being a weekend we expect lots of traffic on the freeway tomorrow.  So we drove 2 hours Daejeon to stay in a jjimjilbang.  It’s a Korean Sauna and relaxation bang (hangout).  We went to the Dongbangsak Leports as recommended by SaunasinKorea blog.  It was great and huge! 7 floors of huge! Avi had a blast hanging out with me in the sauna – getting all scrubbed and cleaned and then taking a dip or two in the hot tubs.  Zoe had fun in the playground and checkin out all the hot rooms, the crystal rooms, the little caves to sleep in , etc…  We all had dinner in the cafeteria; ordered some bibimbap and noodle as they are staples and consistently good.  Then at bedtime things got rough.  Avi just didn’t want to sleep – we tried the sleeping rooms (separated by gender), we tried the oxygen room, we tried the cave, but no sleepy boy.  By WE I mean, of course, Bryan mostly.  Zoe and I found a great spot in the girls sleeping loft, but then she wanted a drink and we went down to another floor and found Bryan snoozing and Avi watching some baseball.  We switched kids then.  Around midnight, after Avi and I watched Superstar K (Korean idol) he finally got sleepy and we found Bryan and Zoe sleeping in the oxygen room.  Well Avi wouldn’t settle and Bryan took him to a cave. anyway, after a few more back and forths I ended up with both kids in the girls sleeping loft and slept great for 4 hours.  In the morning we got some crackers, Zoe bathed with me in the sauna, and we hit the road!

Zoe in her jjimjil outfit – you are given relaxation clothes

flipflops to where in the bathroom, and my locker key

dinner time in the cafeteria


All the hot relaxation for health rooms looked like hobbit holes!

the not-so-hot-but-still-really-warm crystal room had a lovely hot floor but refrigerated head rest.

Zoe chosing a sleeping cave

In a sleeping cave.

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