Zoe’s First Day of Kindergarten

Zoe was so excited last night when we returned from Gyeongju that she laid out her school clothes on her own, and helped me get lunch packed.  She wanted cheese, pepperoni and crackers, plus olives and I threw in a candy.  This morning we all woke around 630 – school starts at 8, and I wasn’t sure she’d get out of bed raring to go.  BUT, she surprised me and came into our room around 615
wondering if she could go to school yet!   Bryan made pancakes, Avi woke up, and Zoe got ready!

Since it’s actually a day off for Bryan we all took her in.  Avi rode on my bike while the school girl rode with Daddy.  It’s a mile to her school to walk or bike, or it’s a half mile to the front gate where the bus can take her the remainder.  She really wants to ride the bus.  I wish one came closer to our house at the back gate, but that isn’t on a route (yet?).  At the school we got some pictures and took her into the cafeteria where they gather at 750 – there is a tiny 5 minute drop off window to get your kiddo to the cafe as they harched all in a row to class at 755.  Zoe walked in like this was old hat.  While waiting in the cafeteria she seemed a tad nervous and was sucking her thumb, but when her teacher Mrs. Francis said it was time for class she simply said, “Bye mom” and was off.  We followed with the other parental entourage… took pictures of her putting her bag in her cubby.  She even found her name and stuffed everything in before Mrs. Francis could tell her.  Zoe is pretty motivated to get going here.  After that they all went into the class and found their seats. They were supposed to write their names on the paper provided, which she did and then promptly moved on to drawing a kitty.  Just before we left she wanted to hug Avi and Daddy.

This afternoon I biked up to the gate to pick her up.  We will send a note with her teacher if she rides the bus or waits to be picked up.  Today:  bus!  She was so excited for her 3 minute ride.  I got there early, but it arrived ridght on time at 2:45.  School ends at 2:30pm.   It was downpouring rain and the bus stopped where I wasn’t expecting, so no pics of this.  It’s a big coach-ish bus – #19. She hopped off like she new what was going on and immediately started telling me all about her day.  Especially the behaviour sticks – being good means the star stick stays in your bowl, badness means you take it out.  At the end of the day stars=stickers.  Neat.  Her description was much more detailed. 

At school she sits at #11, and keeps her stuff in a ‘caddy’ near that.  They also have snack in the room around 9am.  They didn’t go to the playground today because it was raining.  Instead they watched some videos and played in the ‘centers’.  She colored a pretty picture of our house and her with a flower.  She also went to dramatic play ‘center’.  Other ‘centers’:  colors, paint, dramatic play, blocks (but it really has other stuff too it), and others.  Lunch was ‘good’….no detail.  ” the girl also at #10 table was nice.  I think she liked me alot.  She played with me.  At the cafeteria she asked if I’d like an apple and then she went “gulp” and ate it.  It was funny.  She was playing a game with her apple.  I didn’t say see you tomorrow because she will know I go everyday and will go tomorrow.”  No name.  “I didn’t ask her name”   She did know that the teacher assistant is named Miss Baker. Sounds like a fun day.

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