Dirt and grass

The other day i asked our landlady if she would put grass in the backyard… It really needed low spots filled first and then turned over before sodding. She wouldn’t do all of it but did get a guy I dump a whole truck load of dirt and spread it in the low spots. That was yesterday; with 10 minutes notice. Koreans are super service oriented sometimes and will try to provide their service instantly. For example, I called for sod and they came over after a Hal hour to measure the yard. After that they were apologetic it would take a day to get.

Anyway, Bryan and I got in touch with the sod company with the help of the AFRC and ordered 13 pyong- that is a unit of measure , and just over the size of our backyard. It arrived today and was not enough! Apparently in Korean grassing you spread all the sod squares out by 6 inches and let them grow together. The measure for a pyong I did us then 1/2 the size of the area it’s meant to cover. Ugh. The lady whose father runs the Sid place spoke impeccable English, too and explained in detail how to prep the soil. Bummer she didnt mention the Korean way to grow grass. Well, after much negotiation we ordered more an for a good deal reduced rare for the troubles. It will come tomorrow and will be great!!

So exited I have a nice yard for the kids in a place where that I just unheard of!

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